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IR09 - Black Phönix

The Ignition Racing Team's third racing car bears the name "IR09 - Black Phoenix". As with the two previous cars, the letters I and R stand for "Ignition Racing". The numbers 0 and 9 naturally represent the 2009 model year. This year, the car will take part in the racing events at Silverstone and Hockenheim.

According to IRT tradition, the nickname "Black Phoenix" naturally has a symbolic meaning: the phoenix (ancient Greek Φοίνιξ, phoínix, from ancient Egyptian benu: "the reborn/the newborn son") is a bird in mythology that burns in order to rise again from its ashes. This idea can still be found today in the expression "Like a phoenix from the ashes" for something that was thought to be lost but reappears in new splendor. After the turbulence of last year and the moderate success in Hockenheim, the Black Phoenix is set to live up to all expectations this year. "Evolution instead of revolution" - the results of the 2009 season show that the IRT is on the right track with the "IR09 Black Phoenix".


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