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Project idea - Machine hourly rate calculation

The cost report shows the team's ability to calculate both accurately and realistically. For the production of a formula car, a large number of different assemblies are manufactured either in-house or by IRTe's partners, in addition to many purchased parts.

The value of these parts is calculated using the machine hourly rates, the production data and the personnel costs for production.

Why IRTe?

The fascination of motorsport: that's what drives us. We develop a new formula car every year. Designed, constructed, marketed and, of course, driven by ourselves.

This requires a strong team - our team. We are convinced that we will not only develop professionally, but that we will also surpass ourselves personally.

What's your task?

Due to the constantly changing economic situation caused by various factors (e.g. energy costs, rental costs, etc.) as well as the general price increase - also in the industry - it is necessary to recalculate the hourly machine rates for an accurate calculation.

  • You research the composition of an hourly machine rate.

  • You determine specific variables that are included in the calculation.

  • You calculate the hourly machine rate for various production machines.

  • You take into account machine, depreciation and maintenance costs, among other things.

What's your profile?

You need a passion for motorsport and good communication skills. It is also important that you work on your own initiative and independently contribute and implement new ideas.

  • You are fluent in written and spoken German and English.

  • Previous experience in project/area controlling is ideal.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Tom Schmutte

Head of Subteam Management

Insta: @irtelectric


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