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We are hiring a Social Media Manager!

We are looking for a dedicated Social Media Manager to help our team build a strong online presence and communicate our activities across various platforms. In this position, you will play a crucial role in creating and maintaining a positive digital community around our team.

Why IRTe?

The fascination of motorsport: that's what drives us. We develop a new formula car every year. Designed, constructed, marketed and, of course, driven by ourselves.

This requires a strong team - our team. We are convinced that we are not only developing professionally, but that we are also surpassing ourselves personally.

What does the Social Media Manager do?

Your tasks will include managing our Instagram channel and our LinkedIn presence. You will also create an editorial plan and, in the course of this, the team's social media strategy for the coming season(s).

You will develop the content together with our photographers and graphic designers to ensure that your ideas for the content are properly photographed.

During our events - be it internal university events or the big Formula Student events - you will accompany everything with your smartphone and feed the channels with live content.

What skills are required?

You need a passion for motorsport and good communication skills. It is also important that you work on your own initiative and independently contribute and implement new ideas.

Previous experience in social media management is of course helpful, but not essential - we are here to learn.

Any Questions? Get in touch!

Tom Schmutte

Head of Subteam Management

Insta: @irtelectric


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