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I R 2 4

Meet the Team

Theresa Hüpen.jpg

Team Captain - Chairwomen

Theresa Hüpen

The overall organization of the IRTe is in Theresa's hands - she pulls all the strings.

Tim Brockhoff.jpg

Secretary - 3. Chairman

Tim Brockhoff

As secretary, Tim is responsible for the operational and organizational tasks in the team.

Tobias Wessel.jpg

Technical Director - Deputy Chairman

Tobias Wessel

As Technical Manager, Tobias is responsible for the readiness of a new car.


Treasurer - 4. Chairwomen

Madita Raberg

The IRTe's finances are monitored and supervised by Madita and planned in the budget plan for the season.


Carbon. Construction. Lightweight.

The monocoque represents the vehicle design. Our work encompasses creativity, practice and theory in the field of fiber composites. The main objectives are to optimize the vacuum infusion process and to increase the fiber volume content. From laminate theory to tool planning, we cover a broad spectrum. After construction, test panels are subjected to destructive testing. Theory and experience enable the annual production of a lightweight monocoque.


Exciting. Driving. Controlling.

Everything revolves around electrics, from the drive concept to the production of the individual battery modules. The focus is on the planning and development of most electrical vehicle components. Once the vehicle concept has been defined, the work begins with the development of circuit boards, selection of battery cells, programming of microcontrollers and ensuring precise signal transmission to the relevant points.


Dynamics. Grip.

The main task of the chassis is to transfer the forces required for driving, braking and steering to the road surface. The design process in CAD includes the design of all components using simple calculations through to complex simulations. In the test phase, the vehicle setup plays a major role in ensuring optimum driving dynamics so that the car can deliver maximum performance on the road.


Business. Costs. Young talent.

We organize events and score points in the Formula Student disciplines of cost report and business plan with business know-how. Before the events, we optimize our public appearance for the recruitment of sponsors and team members through website, social media and photo/video material. Team cohesion is strengthened through joint activities and team clothing.


Downforce. Spoiler. Airflow.

Dynamic cornering doesn't just come from the chassis - the car's downforce is also at the top of the priority list. Not only do the aero elements such as the rear and front spoilers look good, they also generate the necessary downforce to keep the car on the road.

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