Welcome to your 2019 Quiz #2

If any team member is tested with an alcohol level higher than ... %, he or she will be immediately disqualified for the rest of the competition.

Round answer to 1 decimal place.
The main hoop braces must be attached as near as possible to the top of the main hoop but not more than 160mm below the top-most surface of the main hoop. The included angle formed by the main hoop and the main hoop braces must be at least:

Round to 0 decimal places, answer in degrees:
Each accumulator container must have a prominent indicator, such as an LED that will illuminate whenever a voltage greater than ... V DC is present at the vehicle side of the AIR's.
How many points can a team get for a realistic CBOM?
5 Teams compete at Formula Student Germany electric 2017 Autocross event. Every team only finishes one run. The team drive the following uncorrected (no penalties included yet) times:

VSS - Very slow swedish: 75.3s
IRTe - Ignition Racing Team electric: 47.3s
SSP - Sleeping Spanish People: 50.3s - 4 cones kicked
NMB - Not Moving Britains: 35.2s - 2 cones kicked - 1 off course
CDS - Creepy Dutch Students: 30.2s - 10 cones kicked

How many points are gained by the team, reaching the fourth place in the Autocross event?

Round to 2 decimal places

Determine the deflection of the beam at the point x=500mm.

E = 210 GPa
F = 5.5 kN
Axial moment of inertia Iy = 690 x 10000mm^4

Round to 2 dezimal place, answer in milimeters.
Each team must have at least two dry chemical / dry powder fire extinguishers with a minimum firefighting agent capacity of ...
All dates are in the YYYY-MM-DD format. This corresponds to ...
How big is the voltage drop across the current limiting resistors?

U_TS = 450 V
I_mess = 0.1 mA
R = 15 kΩ

Give answers in Volt and round to 1 decimal place.
Determine the equation for calculating the moment of inertia about the axis of gravity parallel to the y-axis of the following profile:

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