Welcome to your 2019 Quiz #3

What is the theoretical usable peak power of the following accumulator?

Configuration: 3p142s
U_cell = 4,2V
R_cell = 2 mΩ
R_air = 10mΩ each
R_connector = 100 mΩ overall

Give answer in kW and round to 1 decimal place.
This is a rough simplification of a single corner of the suspension on your vehicle. Which of the differential equations represents this system?

NOTE: mk/4 is a quarter of the sprung mass, mR the unsprung mass, ck the spring constant, k the damping constant and cR the tire spring constant. xk and xR are the relative positions of the masses, u(t) is the excitation from the ground.
Consider this discharge circuit. What does the input do?
Imagine following scenario:
During the endurance, your driver spins off track and unfortunately decides to re-enter the track immediately without paying attention to the track marshals and other cars on track.
An oncoming vehicle t-bones your car right in the middle of the upper member of the side impact (we assume you have a steel spaceframe car).

The member is 1000mm long, the steel (E=210GPa) tubing used shall be 30x1.5mm round and the impact is represented by a force of 5kN. In the calculation, consider the tube to be supported on a pivot at each side (i.e. not clamped in!).

How far will this tube deflect in the direction of your drivers hip in this case?

Give your answer in mm and round to 2 decimal places.
How large is the area of the internal cross template?
(Not for DV)

Give answers in mm^2 and round to 2 decimal place
Which aerodynamic device complied with the rules?

The tractive system active light is mounted in a height of 1139mm and the inner line in the highest point of the main hoop in a height of 1182mm (measured at the lowest point of the vehicle). All tires are 9'' in width and have an outer diameter of 18''. The total weight of the vehicle (including he driver) is 290kg. The wheelbase is 1580mm and the rear track is 1165mm.
Calculate the force FBx for the given bracket when a force F=500N is applied at the point of the thick red arrow, given the dimensions l1=35mm and l2=45mm.
Answer in Newton and round to 1 decimal place.
What is the peak voltage of a single-phase sinuisodal 600V AC RMS signal?

Give answer in V, round to 2 decimal places.
What is the impedance of a capacitor with a capacity of 50μF, if a sinusoidal voltage signal of 150Hz is applied to it?

Give answer in Ω, round to 2 decimal places
How many brake disk are required to build rules compliant 2WD (rear tires) car?
Bip bip bu bap

(Hint: Spongebob)
A formula student car weighs 180kg. The foil of a rear wing has an Lift coefficient of -2. The gravitational constant is 9.81 N/kg. The distance between the inside of the rear tires is 1200mm and equal to the wing width. The ambient air pressure is 1024psi. The rear wing has a length of 500mm. The air density is 1.18kg/m³.

At which speed is the gravity force equal the down-force generated by the rear-wing?

Give answer in m/s, round to 2 decimal places.
Which annyversary is the IRTe having in 2019?
What is the theoretical maximum number of brake lights?

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