Welcome to your 2019 Quiz #4

You have following circuit diagramm. What points are right?

What is the top speed of a vehicle with the following properties on a 5% uphill slope?
Pmax = 65 kW
Vehicle mass = 195 kg
Front surface = 2,1 m²
Air density = 1,293 kg/m³
Driver = 80 kg
coefficient of drag = 0,43

Give answer in m/s and round to the nearest one.
6teams complete at Formula Student Germany SkidPad Event. Every team only finishes one run. The team drive the following uncorrected (no penalties included) times:
FST: 3,79s no cones
CDS: 3,60s incorrect number of laps
BBS: 3,31s no cones
FSP: 3,76s - 2 cones kicked
VSS: 3,44s - OC
MWM: 3,25s - 1 cone kicked
How many points are gained by the team, reaching the third place?

Give answer in Points and round to 2 decimal places.
The car of your team uses self developed tires with a outer diameter of 8 inch. The track of the vehicle is 1250mm on the front axle and 1250mm on the rear axle. At the front you build a pushrod concept and a pullrod concept on the rear suspension system. The vehicle weights 215kg and the CoG is 315mm above the ground.
What is the smallest distance between the surface of the rear and front axes tires?
Note: If data is not given, used simplified calculation. 

Give answer in milimeters and round to 1 decimal places
Your self-developed electronic control module needs 200ms to safely shut down and write back data into nonvolatile memory.
How big would the power regulator output capacitance need to be at least to do that in the event of a unexpected shutdown (GLV Master switch turn-off), given that:
+ The device needs a constant current of 120mA
+ The regulated voltage is 5V
+ The CPU will brown-out at 3.8V
+ There is no reverse-flow back into the supply

Give answers in µF and round to the nearest one

The Frontwing ist attached to the Monocoque with 2 M8 8.8 Screws with a core diameter of 6,466mm.

The Peak Force oft he Crashtest was 58.212,54 N

Is this rules compliant ?

Which of  these tubing are allowed for the font bulkhead?

D = Outer diameter
t = Wall thickness

The weight transfer (in N) during cornering is dependent on:
Solve the following equation.



You have an accumulator with a 142s4p configuration. The Data of the used cells are:

                Umax = 4,4V

                U = 3,9V

                Ucutoff = 3,3V

                C = 7500mAh

                Max. continious charging current: 4C

                Max. continious discharging current: 15C

What is the capacity of the whole accumulaor in kWh? Round to 2 decimal places.

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