Welcome to your 2019 Quiz #5

Which of the following options provides the best area moment of inertia for a bending load?

Given is an operational amplifier whose voltage gain can be polluted by the control voltage of the JFET 2N3819 (Figure). The threshold voltage U_th of the field effect transistor is -3V, I_DSS is 11.72mA. The minimum resistance R_DSON of the FET is 128Ω.

What is the maximum gain V_max of the circuit if the OP can be considered ideal and U_St = 0V?

Round answer to to decimal places.

Was liegt zwischen der Spanfläche und der Werkzeugsbezugsebene?

A tie rod made of an aluminum alloy (modulus of elasticity E = 7 * 10^4 MPa, transverse strain number ν = 0.3) with rectangular cross-section (H = 100 mm, B = 20 mm) is characterized by an unknown tensile force F claimed. The extension Δl = 4 mm is measured over the length L = 2000 mm.

How big is the Force F?

Give answers in Kilonewton and round to the nearest one.

Given is the following circuit with a bipolar transistor in emitter circuit. The Circuit should work as a selective amplifier. There is a load in the collector line Parallel resonant circuit, consisting of an inductor and a capacitor.
The (in the figure unspecified) capacitors at the input and output can be considered as short circuits for the small signal behavior.
The following values ​​are known for the operating point:
U_BE=0,6V, I_B=20μA, I_C=2mA

Determine R_E so that a voltage drop of 1V occurs across R_E.
Give answer in \mathrm{\Omega} and round to the nearest one.

How many Teams joined the FSG2015?
A stepped shaft is clamped between two walls as sketched and is claimed at the point x with the moment M_t to torsion.

Given: l=150mm, l1=90mm, D=10mm, d=8mm, E=210GPa, μ=0.3

What are the shear stresses at X=0mm in the shaft when M_t=120 Nm and is initiated at x = 55mm?

Give answers in N/mm^2 and round to the nearest one.

How big is the total resistance of the given circuit with the following resistances:
R1 = 5kΩ, R2 = 15kΩ, R3=0,47MΩ, R4=150Ω, R5=330kΩ, R6=67kΩ, R7=220Ω

Give answer in kΩ and round to 2 decimal places.
If a team uses more than what amout of fuel will receive no points in fuel efficiency during endurance?

Give answer in Liter and round to 2 decimal places.
Which Polymer is shown in the figure below?

How much time does the team have to change drivers?

he transformer of the following circuit has the numbers of turns N1 = 5 and N2 = 20. On the secondary side it is terminated with the resistor R2 = 10kΩ. The voltage source supplies an alternating voltage with an amplitude of U0 = 10V and f = 60Hz.

Calculate the total current I0 for R1=1kΩ.

Give answer in mA and round to 2 decimal places.

How much will your score suffer, when your Teamleader disregard commands from officials?
What kind of electricity can you get from your electrical socket at home?
How many days do you have left to pay your beer from the IRTe-Beerlist?

Give answers in days and round to the nearest one.

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