Welcome to your 2019 Quiz #6

Which safety systems are not allowed to be resettable by the driver?
What is the min. width of the scatter shield if you use a 14mm steel chain?

Give answer in mm and round to the nearest one.
What is the cross sectional area of the Cockpit opening template?

Give answers in mm^2 and round to the nearest one.
Your new question!
What is the maximum height your rear wing endplate is allowed to be mounted at measured from the ground?

Give answer in mm and round to the nearest one.
What is the resistor value for your TSMP if your TS Voltage is (374.25 +- 6,9%)VDC

Give answer in kΩ and round to the nearest one.
Haw many people from the FSG Operative Team are currently working for VW?
How many partners does the FSG have currently?
How many points does the team in the 21. place on the official FSAE EV World ranking list have currently? (After FS Japan 2017)

Round to 2 decimal places.

Calculate the bandwidth of the given circuit.

Give answer in Hz and round to 1 decimal place.

Which impedance arises at the beginning of the line at an operating frequency of 400MHz and a Cable length of 10cm when the terminating resistor is 4.7kW (TTL input)?

b= 317.5μm, d=1.27mm, e_0=3.5

Give answer in  and round to the nearest one.

Which edge length a has a cube, which contains exactly 1 mol of an ideal gas at p = 100kPa and t = 20 ° C.

Give answer in mm and round to 1 decimal place.

The following control loop is made up of a PT1 Tt path and a P controller:

Is the closed loop stable for KR = 2?

Your new question!

A DC motor with external excitation has the following characteristics:
P_n = 25 kW
U_n = 440 V
N_n = 1350 min^-1
η_n = 0,88

Every losses except of copper losses can be neglected.
The exciter current is ignored.

Calculate the idle speed n_0 of the motor.

Give answer in min^-1 and round to the nearest one.

CO2 is stored in a pressure bottle with a volume of 0,08m^3 at a temperature of 18 ° C. The pressure gauge shows a pressure of 360kpa. CO2 should be approximated as an ideal gas. For the specific heat capacity, the true specific heat capacity at 0 ° C should be used.

What pressure does the pressure gauge display when the temperature of the gas rises due to a fire in the building where the bottle rises to 212 °C?

Give answer in kPa and round to the nearest one.

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