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The current I2 should lead by 90 ° towards  I. Calculate C.

R1= 30 , L= 150mH , f=50 Hz , I2=1A , I=2,5A 

Answer in uF and round to 2 decimal places.
Given a front track width of 1440mm, what is the allowed range for the rear track width of an FSAE car?
The Frontwing ist attached to the Monocoque with 2 M8 8.8 Screws with a core diameter of 6,466mm.
The Peak Force oft he Crashtest was 58.212,54 N
Is this rules compliant ?
5 Teams compete at Formula Student Germany electric 2017 Autocross event. Every team only finishes one run. The team drive the following uncorrected (no penalties included yet) times:

VSS - Very slow swedish: 75.3s
IRTe - Ignition Racing Team electric: 47.3s
SSP - Sleeping Spanish People: 50.3s - 4 cones kicked
NMB - Not Moving Britains: 35.2s - 2 cones kicked - 1 off course
CDS - Creepy Dutch Students: 30.2s - 10 cones kicked

How many points are gained by the team, reaching the fourth place in the Autocross event?

Round to 2 decimal places
How many mm does the point G and y move?
Fy attacks at point G

Fy = 15000 N
α = β = 30 ͦ
E = 210000 N/mm2
A = 35 mm2 (both rods equal)
l1 = 17 mm
l2 = 53,5 mm

Round to 3 decimal places

How many People are in the Picture?
The rise time (10% to 90%) of a given one stage low pass RC network is 3.00ms. What are possible values for R and C?
Which abbreviation does not exist in the Rules?
Determine how many Boolean functions exist that are significantly dependent on 4 variables.
What is the magnetic field generated at point B?

give answer in uT and round to the nearest one
Describe the relationship between fiber volume fraction and fiber weight fraction in a laminate.
For the following data, the fiber volume fraction of the laminate must be determined:
Fiber weight fraction: 50%
Density of the fiber: 2.6 kg / l
Density of the matrix: 1.15 kg / l

 in %. round to 1 decimal place
Your Formula Student racecar rolls on a horizontal track out. It have a mass of 228,7 kg and a Speed of 1,8 m/s. The driving impendance is 38N. How Long is the roll-out-way?

Round to 3 decimal places.
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