Welcome to your 2019 Quiz #8

Are 50mm wide shoulder harnesses allowed?

1 out of 14

Calculate the force FBx for the given bracket when a force F=500N is applied at the point of the thick red arrow, given the dimensions l1=35mm and l2=45mm.
Answer in Newton and round to 1 decimal place.

2 out of 14

You are intend to use a  FIA spec harness for the Season 2019. IT has the FIA specification 8853/98. Your belt is marked with 2018 on the label and still in a new condition. Are you allowed to use this harness?

3 out of 14

How many Points did the UAS Osnabrück get for the Business presentation in FSS18?

4 out of 14

A Torsion spring bar with the diameter D should be calibrated by one-sided drilling so that it is rotated exactly by a total angle of 10 degrees by a moment M.

Calculate lt in mm and round to the nearest one.

5 out of 14

Your car is on the way to the autocross Event and your head of the media Department try to mount a go pro camera on the helmet of the Driver. Is this allowed?

6 out of 14

You tell your colleague, that is not allowed to mount cameras on the helmet. Then he assembles the camera in a safe place on the car. Is it allowed to participate like this?

7 out of 14

Your car has a Volumen of 0.5 Wannen. How much qm does it have?

8 out of 14

May DD Compound approve the SES Approval?

9 out of 14

ESO is the abbreviation for…

10 out of 14

How tall is percy?

answer in mm

11 out of 14

The Chassis of your Formula Student car is a Monocoque consisting of Composites. Your side Impact structure is built with a 20mm core and a total Laminate thickness of 5mm. The Bottom consisting of a structure with a total Laminate thickness of 3mm and a 16mm core. The Monocoque is the lowest part of the car with the minimum static ground clearance, that is allowed. How high must the side impact structure be in mm?

12 out of 14

What does the abbreviation fsae stand for?

13 out of 14

When will FSS19 start?


14 out of 14

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