Welcome to your 2020 Quiz #1

A formula student car weighs 180kg. The foil of a rear wing has an Lift coefficient of -2. The gravitational constant is 9.81 N/kg. The distance between the inside of the rear tires is 1200mm and equal to the wing width. The ambient air pressure is 1024psi. The rear wing has a length of 500mm. The air density is 1.18kg/m³.

At which speed is the gravity force equal the down-force generated by the rear-wing?

Give answer in m/s, round to 2 decimal places.
How large is the area of the internal cross template?
(Not for DV)

Give answers in mm^2 and round to 2 decimal place

Calculate the bandwidth of the given circuit.

Give answer in Hz and round to 1 decimal place.
What is the penalty you receive for a "kicked" cone at the Skid-Pad-Event?
Which abbreviation does not exist in the Rules?
How big is the voltage drop across the current limiting resistors?

U_TS = 450 V
I_mess = 0.1 mA
R = 15 kΩ

Give answers in Volt and round to 1 decimal place.
ESO is the abbreviation for...
How long will water be sprayed on the vehicle during the rain test?

You have following circuit diagramm. What points are right?

What is the theoretical maximum number of brake lights?

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