Welcome to your 2020 Quiz #2

One corner of your car's suspension can be simplified as two-mass system with two springs, a damper and an excitation function u(t).

Which set of differential equations represents the system shown below?

What is the penalty for not being ready to drive in the endurance at your designated time slot?
In the parc ferme your car weight is 7.3kg higher than the weight determined during the technical inspection. What consequences does your team have to expect?
Use the given linear single track model and parameters of a formula student vehicle to calculate the slide slip angle ß during skid pad (quasi static cornering).

Assume the vehicle is driving on the centreline and the run time is 5.5 sec (no penalties). Calculation hints: use the full precision for intermediate results and pi.
ay is the lateral acceleration.
Answer: in degrees, round to 0.01

Please use the following format: 12.34
Which statements concerning personal safety on the event site is correct?
Which requirement, concerning the lap belt, is true?
Calculate the force at the yield strength for a single tube in the given 3-point bending test setup.

Tube: square steel tube 25x25x2.2 (no rounded edges)
Use the approximation of 1D- beam elements and the yield strength from the rules.
Use full precision for intermediate calculations and PI.
Answer in Kilonewtons rounded to 0.01

Please use the following format: 12.34
Given below is a side view of a tubular steel frame. Which of the following statements is true under all circumstances? (dottet line = vertical, distances in mm)
You have fittet your 4WD car with a 3-axis accelerometer and have carefully aligned and zeroed it before the test session.

in the data, you notice that at higher speeds the filtered z (vertical) acceleration drifts toward 0.98g but goes back when driving slowly.
What could be going on?
Some of your drivers have gone missing on the way to FSA, only 3 drivers each are on site for your EV and IC team.

Which statements are rules compliant?

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