Welcome to your 2020 Quiz #3

Given a front track width of 1440mm, what is the allowed range for the rear track width of an FSAE car?
Your car is equipped with one tire temperature sensore node per wheel.

They are connected to the DAQ system via a common CAN bus.
Sensor Accuracy is 0.5 degC.
Data format is 10-bit unsigned integer; quantisation 0.25 degC/bit, offset 0 degC.
Message Interval is 100ms.
When reviewing the data, you notice the following pattern on one of the logged temperature channels
What is not true for the business plan executive summary?
The current I2 should lead by 90 ° towards  I. Calculate C.

R1= 30 , L= 150mH , f=50 Hz , I2=1A , I=2,5A 

Answer in uF and round to 2 decimal places.
What material requirements are valid for the scatter shield if you use a 12mm steel chain?
Which aerodynamic device complied with the rules?

The tractive system active light is mounted in a height of 1139mm and the inner line in the highest point of the main hoop in a height of 1182mm (measured at the lowest point of the vehicle). All tires are 9'' in width and have an outer diameter of 18''. The total weight of the vehicle (including he driver) is 290kg. The wheelbase is 1580mm and the rear track is 1165mm.
Determine the equation for calculating the moment of inertia about the axis of gravity parallel to the y-axis of the following profile:

What is her name?
A beam with the sketched cross-section (in mm) is put under a torsional load.
(E = 210. 000 N/mm^2, μ = 0,3)

Calculate the maximum angle of twist for a lenght of 90cm and a maximum stress of  τ_allowed = 140 N/mm^2

Give answer in degrees and round to 2 decimal places
Given is the following circuit with a bipolar transistor in emitter circuit. The Circuit should work as a selective amplifier. There is a load in the collector line Parallel resonant circuit, consisting of an inductor and a capacitor.
The (in the figure unspecified) capacitors at the input and output can be considered as short circuits for the small signal behavior.
The following values ​​are known for the operating point:
U_BE=0,6V, I_B=20μA, I_C=2mA

Determine R_E so that a voltage drop of 1V occurs across R_E.
Give answer in \mathrm{\Omega} and round to the nearest one.

During chargin, the IMD opens the safety circuit and charging is interrupted.

What is true regarding automatic resume?

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