Welcome to your 2020 Quiz #4

Round to 3 decimal places.

1 out of 9

Each team must have at least two dry chemical / dry powder fire extinguishers with a minimum firefighting agent capacity of …

2 out of 9

Given is an operational amplifier whose voltage gain can be polluted by the control voltage of the JFET 2N3819 (Figure). The threshold voltage U_th of the field effect transistor is -3V, I_DSS is 11.72mA. The minimum resistance R_DSON of the FET is 128Ω.

What is the maximum gain V_max of the circuit if the OP can be considered ideal and U_St = 0V?

Round answer to to decimal places.

3 out of 9

Mounting plates welded to the main hoop must be at least … mm thick steel

4 out of 9

Which is true regarding cranking your engine in the pit?

5 out of 9

Skidpad scoring….

Your team's best runtime is 6.25s, the overall best time is 5s.
How many points do you score?
Please use the following format: 12.34

6 out of 9

What is true regarting the Brake Over-Travel Switch (BOTS)?

7 out of 9

Your driver pushes the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal at the same time. Which statement is correct?

8 out of 9

ULs94-V0 rating cannot be granted if…

9 out of 9

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