Welcome to your 2020 Quiz #5

Concerning aerodynamic devices which statement is not compliant to the rules?
Your car is the ultimate acceleration machine...
... and is able to lift the front tires off the track during the first section of the accelleration event!
Your wheelbase is the required minimum, your weight distribution with driver is 70% rear and you are using the latest tires with a friction coefficient of µ=2 (CoF).

What is the minimum possible height of your center of gravity of your car to show the mentioned behaviour?
Answer in [m], rounded to 0.01

Please use the following format: 12.34
You do an acceleration run.

Your car constantly accelerates with 10m/s². After 10 meters your engine / motor(s) die and deliver no power anymore. Your car then constantly de-accelerates with 0.2 m/s².
How far do you make it from the start?
Answer in whole [m].
Please use the following format: 12.34
Your car has a suspension geometry with zero caster, camber and toe.

The tire contact patch is assumed to be linear, the contact force distribution is assumed to be triangular (see image). How much steering torque applied on the steering wheel is required to move the steering from the center position during standstill?
Tire width w: 7 inch
Control rod arm e: 95mm
Pinion meshing diameter d: 34mm
Weight of car with driver: 227kg
Weight distribution with driver: 48% Front
Static tire µ: 1.5 (CoF)
g = 9.81 m/s²
Answer in [Nm], rounded to .1

Please use the following format: 12.34
You build an AutoX track on your testing ground. Which elements are not conformant to the rules?
You plan a nice display for your race cars in your shop

consisting of platforms suspended on steel tie rods. All parts are delivered as designed, but you notice that the assembly was done differently.
Is this a problem?
Which driving trajectory fits the data shown in the diagram?
Which statement regarding the shutdown buttons is false?
What is true regarding the mechanical configuration of the tractive system energy storage?
Your battery pack is built from 4 Stacks of 103 Cells each (103S4P)

Each stack has a capacity of 1.20 kWh and an internal resistance of 320 mOhm. If all cells are charged & balanced to 3.80V and behave equally, which current do you draw at 30 kW power output from the pack?
Answer in [A] rounded to .1
Please use the following format: 12.34

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