Welcome to your 2020 Quiz #6

You have an accumulator with a 142s4p configuration. The Data of the used cells are:

                Umax = 4,4V

                U = 3,9V

                Ucutoff = 3,3V

                C = 7500mAh

                Max. continious charging current: 4C

                Max. continious discharging current: 15C

What is the capacity of the whole accumulaor in kWh? Round to 2 decimal places.

Under which conditions are outboard wheel motors allowed?
How many mm does the point G and y move?
Fy attacks at point G

Fy = 15000 N
α = β = 30 ͦ
E = 210000 N/mm2
A = 35 mm2 (both rods equal)
l1 = 17 mm
l2 = 53,5 mm

Round to 3 decimal places
Which statement regarding the Ready to drive sound is true?
The following control loop is made up of a PT1 Tt path and a P controller:

Is the closed loop stable for KR = 2?

Solve the following equation.



A DC motor with external excitation has the following characteristics:
P_n = 25 kW
U_n = 440 V
N_n = 1350 min^-1
η_n = 0,88

Every losses except of copper losses can be neglected.
The exciter current is ignored.

Calculate the idle speed n_0 of the motor.

Give answer in min^-1 and round to the nearest one.

What is the minimum vehicle speed to regenerate energy?

Which impedance arises at the beginning of the line at an operating frequency of 400MHz and a Cable length of 10cm when the terminating resistor is 4.7kW (TTL input)?

b= 317.5μm, d=1.27mm, e_0=3.5

Give answer in  and round to the nearest one.

Calculate the force FBx for the given bracket when a force F=500N is applied at the point of the thick red arrow, given the dimensions l1=35mm and l2=45mm.
Answer in Newton and round to 1 decimal place.

How much time does the team have to change drivers?

Which of the following options provides the best area moment of inertia for a bending load?
The Chassis of your Formula Student car is a Monocoque consisting of Composites. Your side Impact structure is built with a 20mm core and a total Laminate thickness of 5mm. The Bottom consisting of a structure with a total Laminate thickness of 3mm and a 16mm core. The Monocoque is the lowest part of the car with the minimum static ground clearance, that is allowed. How high must the side impact structure be in mm?
How big is the voltage drop across the current limiting resistors?

U_TS = 450 V
I_mess = 0.1 mA
R = 15 kΩ

Give answers in Volt and round to 1 decimal place.

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