Welcome to your 2020 Quiz #7

Which statement about the Ready-To-Drive sound is correct?
Imagine following scenario:
During the endurance, your driver spins off track and unfortunately decides to re-enter the track immediately without paying attention to the track marshals and other cars on track.
An oncoming vehicle t-bones your car right in the middle of the upper member of the side impact (we assume you have a steel spaceframe car).

The member is 1000mm long, the steel (E=210GPa) tubing used shall be 30x1.5mm round and the impact is represented by a force of 5kN. In the calculation, consider the tube to be supported on a pivot at each side (i.e. not clamped in!).

How far will this tube deflect in the direction of your drivers hip in this case?

Give your answer in mm and round to 2 decimal places.

A tie rod made of an aluminum alloy (modulus of elasticity E = 7 * 10^4 MPa, transverse strain number ν = 0.3) with rectangular cross-section (H = 100 mm, B = 20 mm) is characterized by an unknown tensile force F claimed. The extension Δl = 4 mm is measured over the length L = 2000 mm.

How big is the Force F?

Give answers in Kilonewton and round to the nearest one.

How many brake disk are required to build rules compliant 2WD (rear tires) car?
Describe the relationship between fiber volume fraction and fiber weight fraction in a laminate.
For the following data, the fiber volume fraction of the laminate must be determined:
Fiber weight fraction: 50%
Density of the fiber: 2.6 kg / l
Density of the matrix: 1.15 kg / l

 in %. round to 1 decimal place

The Frontwing ist attached to the Monocoque with 2 M8 8.8 Screws with a core diameter of 6,466mm.

The Peak Force oft he Crashtest was 58.212,54 N

Is this rules compliant ?

Imagine you are running AutoX in FSA 2019.
You need to limit your speed because of the following corner.
What is the fastest can go at the crest/edge and still land before the beginning of the braking zone?

h = 0.3 m
s = 4.8 m
g = 9.81 m/s²

consider the car a point mass
Ignore aerodynamic effects.
What is the minimum vehicle speed to regenerate energy?
The best skidpad time of your team is 5.2s, aditionally you have knocked down two cones, the fastest team with hitting one cone did it in 5.0s.

What is the skidpad score of your team?

Answer in points and round to 2 decimal places.
Example 12.34
A car with a total gravitational force of G = 2150 N (m=219.16 kg) has its center of gravity (S) at h = 220 mm above the ground and is driving in a corner with a speed of 40 km/h.

The corner has a radius (center of the track) of r = 16 m.
The track width b = 1220 mm

What is the maximum speed (in km/h) before the car will roll over in this corner?
The friction coefficients of the tires can be ignored and it may be assumed that the suspension, tires and damping are absolutely stiff.

Give the answer in km/h and round the answer to the nearest tenth.
Example 12.3
Calculate the cornering speed during Skidpad (you can use the centerline radius stated in the rules) using following information:

µy = 1.4
m = 240 kg
cL = 3.2
A = 1 m²
p = 1.1 kg/m³

It is assumed, that there is no weight transfer and all 4 tires are at the optimal grip level. (answer in m/s)

Example 12.34

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