Welcome to your 2020 Quiz #8

Which is the minimum size of A for non DV cars?

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You want to drive with a Lithium Polymer cell with 3 Ah and weighting 60g. Which of the following configurations would be allowed by the rules?

a) 7 compartments in series with 4p20s configurations
b) 8 compartments in series with 4p18s configurations
c) 4 compartments in series with 4p30s configurations
b) 5 compartments in series with 4p24s configurations

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You would like to attach your front hoop bracing to the rest of your chassis primary structure using one metric bolt grade 8.8. Using standard hole clearance (ISO), what is the minimum diameter of the round backing plate according to the rules?

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As soon as all components defined in EV6.1.2 close the shutdown circuit, it is allowed to close the AIRs.

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Our vehicle completes the Acceleration Event in 3,6 seconds without penalties in rain conditions. What is its velocity when it crosses the finish line, if we assume, that its acceleration is constant during the run?

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During Skidpag your car is in the following steady-state situation

ψ = 1.3 rad/s

vx = 42 km/h

vy = -3 km/h

The geometry is given by the following parameters:
Wheelbase: L = 1.53 m
Trackwidth: T = 1.2 m
Steering angle: δ = 10°

Calculate the slip angle at the front left wheel, assuming a 50/50 weight distribution. (Please enter the absolute value of your answer in °)
Example 12.34

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How do you have to choose the damping constant in a suspension system, if you want to have a critical damped system? (answer in Ns/mm)

m = 240 kg
k = 100 N/mm

Example 12.34

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How is the camber angle defined?

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Which of the following statements about steel tubes alloy 30CrMoV5-3 is true?

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Which FSS edition is Formula Student Spain 2020

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All phases of a PMSM and an induction motor are independently shorted at standstill. The torque of which motor is higher if remanence is neglected and the rotors start to spin

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According to the rules, an insulation monitoring between TS+/TS- and LV-GND is mandatory. The measurement principle has to be

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Given is an operational amplifier whose voltage gain can be polluted by the control voltage of the JFET 2N3819 (Figure). The threshold voltage U_th of the field effect transistor is -3V, I_DSS is 11.72mA. The minimum resistance R_DSON of the FET is 128Ω.

What is the maximum gain V_max of the circuit if the OP can be considered ideal and U_St = 0V?

Round answer to to decimal places.

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CO2 is stored in a pressure bottle with a volume of 0,08m^3 at a temperature of 18 ° C. The pressure gauge shows a pressure of 360kpa. CO2 should be approximated as an ideal gas. For the specific heat capacity, the true specific heat capacity at 0 ° C should be used.

What pressure does the pressure gauge display when the temperature of the gas rises due to a fire in the building where the bottle rises to 212 °C?

Give answer in kPa and round to the nearest one.

14 out of 16

If any team member is tested with an alcohol level higher than … %, he or she will be immediately disqualified for the rest of the competition.

Round answer to 1 decimal place.

15 out of 16

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