Welcome to your 2019 Quiz #1

The total time of the Rain Test for an electric vehicle is:
What is the minimum vehicle speed to regenerate energy?
All electrically conductive parts of the vehicle (e.g. parts made of steel, (anodized) aluminum, any other metal parts, etc.) which are within 100 mm of any TS or GLVS component, the driver harness mounting points and the seat mounting points must have a resistance below [???] (measured with a current of 1 A) to GLVS ground.
Which abbreviation does not exist in the Rules?
Given a front track width of 1440mm, what is the allowed range for the rear track width of an FSAE car?
The rise time (10% to 90%) of a given one stage low pass RC network is 3.00ms. What are possible values for R and C?
How long will water be sprayed on the vehicle during the rain test?
Your race car (1800mm Wheelbase) has a weight distribution of 64% rear. When seating a 75kg driver, the CoG shifts 144mm forward. What is the weight distribution with driver?
Which charging strategy should be used for a Li-Ion accumulator
What is the penalty you receive for a "kicked" cone at the Skid-Pad-Event?
How many member are in the FSG Board & Executive Committee
Mounting plates welded to the main hoop must be at least ... mm thick steel

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