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Project idea - fiber composite simulation

In the fascinating world of motorsport, every detail is crucial for triumph on the race track. Fiber composite simulation is at the heart of this challenge, forming a virtual bridge between innovation and perfection.

Precise simulations not only test the limits of the technology, but also set new standards for performance and safety in motorsport.

Why IRTe?

The fascination of motorsport: that's what drives us. We develop a new formula car every year. Designed, constructed, marketed and, of course, driven by ourselves.

This requires a strong team - our team. We are convinced that we will not only develop professionally, but that we will also surpass ourselves personally.

What's your task?

  • In the first step, you identify the crash-relevant areas of the vehicle.

  • You create specific ply structures for these areas in collaboration with our sponsor network and the Monocoque team.

  • You simulate the layer structures created.

  • You develop and produce samples for 3-point bending tests.

  • You carry out the tests under realistic conditions.

What's your profile?

You need a passion for motorsport and good communication skills. It is also important that you work on your own initiative and independently contribute and implement new ideas. You will learn the rest with us.

  • Previous knowledge of composites is ideal.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Tobias Wessel

Technical Director

Insta: @irtelectric


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