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Project idea - selection of tire model

Softs, mediums or hards? Formula 1 strategists ask themselves this question every time.

Choosing the right rubber compound is the key to an optimal vehicle setup. Not only does it influence the current driving experience, it also lays the foundation for the tire selection of the next vehicle and thus for future chassis development.

Welcome to the world where every rubber compound makes the difference between average and exceptional!

Why IRTe?

The fascination of motorsport: that's what drives us. We develop a new formula car every year. Designed, constructed, marketed and, of course, driven by ourselves.

This requires a strong team - our team. We are convinced that we will not only develop professionally, but that we will also surpass ourselves personally.

What's your task?

  • You view the available tire test data.

  • You analyze the data and create characteristic curves and a graphical presentation.

  • You determine which tire has an optimum operating point in which situation.

  • You make a recommendation for the selection of a tire compound.

What's your profile?

You need a passion for motorsport and good communication skills. It is also important that you work on your own initiative and independently contribute and implement new ideas. You will learn the rest with us.

  • Previous knowledge in the area of suspensions is ideal.

Any questions? Get in touch!

Tobias Wessel

Technical Director

Insta: @irtelectric


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