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IR08 - Black Onyx

The Ignition Racing Team's second racing car bears the name "IR08 - Black Onyx". As usual, the letters I and R stand for "Ignition Racing". The numbers 0 and 8 naturally represent the year 2008, in which the car will make its debut at the Formula Student in Silverstone.

The nickname "Black Onyx" is symbolic in several respects. "Onyx" is a mineral that is mainly processed into gemstones. This fact is a reference to the name of the predecessor model "IR07 - Red Diamond". In addition, the black mineral "onyx" usually occurs in a layered composite. Just as the racing car consists of several layers of black carbon fiber composite material. The letters y and x in "Onyx" also perfectly symbolize the different material properties in the x and y coordinate directions within the composite material from which the car is made. Just like the car itself, the name also offers a lot of potential for fascination...


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