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  • Joris Rehsöft

IR21 - Firefly

After the start of Corona 2020, the team shrank to just 6 dedicated students. A little advertising and a lot of support from alumni later, here we are: A race car that builds on the 2017 season.

Engine: Emrax 228 with toothed belt transmission in the rear. Plus a two-part 600V battery with self-developed BMS on the sides of the passenger cell to shift the center of gravity to the driver.

Speaking of the passenger cell: the two-shell monocoque in sandwich construction, to which everything else is attached, was actually produced in-house, as is the case every year, with great support from DD Compound. In contrast to other years, the IR21 is not just a monocoque, but also an engagement! Let someone say again that there is no time left for other things besides the IRTe!

But back to the car: the suspension is a double wishbone system with pushrod on the front and rear axle. KW products are used as the spring-damper unit for the first time. Our self-developed stabilizer bar is used for roll compensation.

In the end, the vehicle was built over 2 years and accompanied us to the FSA22 and FSG22 events, where a completely new team was able to learn its first important lessons and make contact with other teams for the first time in a long time. So the seasons with the IR21 were not only an important step back to the events, but also to rethink the concept of the car.


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