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IR18 - Mantis

This season, the IR18 - Mantis has an all-wheel drive with servomotors flange-mounted to the wheel hubs, as well as a planetary gearbox with a 1.5-stage transmission ratio developed in-house and integrated into the two-part wheel hubs. The 1.5 stages are realized by stepped planetary gears. This ensures the high transmission ratio of 1:12.43 with as little installation space as possible.

The mechanical differential gearbox is replaced by an electric torque vectoring system based on a dual-track model. This allows cornering to be optimized. The radiators and the associated air ducts are arranged on the side of the sidepods for a more efficient air flow while maximizing the cooling surface. Laser-sintered and flow-optimized cooling jackets developed in-house are used for the first time.

The high-voltage cables are integrated into the layer structure of the monocoque in order to make optimum use of the available installation space. The upper steering connection is integrated into the dashboard to optimize weight. For test purposes, either 7.5" wide tires or 6" wide tires can be fitted.

Another new feature is the one-piece continuous front wing base for a significant increase in rigidity. The end plates have been adapted in the rear wing area. The entire aero package has been developed for balanced handling; the CoP is at the height of the CoG.


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