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IR15 - Excess

True to the motto "the only success is our eXcess", the 2015 season went well for the 50 or so student members. In 2014, the team achieved the most successful result to date in the team's history at the FSG with an overall 6th place - the bar was set high for the 2015 team. With much praise from the 2014 design event, the goals for IR15 were set high:

Efficiency, lightweight construction, reliability and performance were our main development priorities. These were achieved through the self-developed planetary gearbox, a CFRP monocoque (instead of a steel lattice tube frame), the proven basic concept of the high-voltage battery and a 10-inch chassis (previously 13 inches). A self-developed, active rear axle steering system was also installed and successfully tested for the first time in the IR15.

The goal for the Formula Student Germany (FSG) and Formula Student Spain (FSS) events was 6th place, and thus direct qualification for FSG'16. With 4th place in the Design Event (FSG) and 8th place in the Cost Event (FSS), the IRTe also made its mark in the static disciplines. The 2015 season was rounded off with 5th place in the FSS Endurance.

The targets set were achieved - 6th place overall in the FSG and the FSS!

At the FSG, the IRTe was once again the best German university and the third best German team overall. In the Formula Student Electric World Ranking, the Osnabrück team is currently in 14th place (previously 18th place), not including the results of the FSS'15.


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