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IR16 - Honeybadger

IR16 - Honeybadger is the 6th electric vehicle from the Ignition Racing Team electric forge.

Our Honeybadger is characterized by a newly developed drive concept and a newly developed aerodynamics package. By switching to the Emrax 228 engine and a fiber-reinforced timing belt, we have significantly increased both the efficiency and the power density of the drivetrain. For the first time, an IRTe racing car has been developed with wings, which has significantly improved performance. Weight has been saved in the monocoque thanks to the modified layer structure. Furthermore, we drove on rims we developed ourselves for the first time. The aluminum rim spiders were manufactured with our own carbon fiber rim beds, which enabled us to halve the weight of each rim.

In the 2016 season, the IR16 - Honeybadger achieved the highest total number of points in the team's history. Thanks to the cooperation of around 50 team members, we finished 19th in Formula Student Germany and 8th in Formula Student Spain.


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