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IR17 - Lizard

The IR17 - Lizard is the 7th electric vehicle from the forge of the Ignition Racing Team electric. The Lizard is characterized by a more efficient and faster drive concept as well as a highly optimized aerodynamic package.

By adapting the drive wheel and downsizing the entire system, we were able to significantly improve efficiency and the available torque, in short: a stronger, more efficient drive in less space. We have gained one more wing each on the front and rear wings, because compared to last year the wings both consist of 3 profiles instead of just 2, which significantly increases the available downforce.

The monocoque has been completely redeveloped for the IR17 and now generates significantly more downforce than the previous model, while also being lighter than its direct predecessor. Also new are the sidepods in the 17 model, in which the batteries have been installed for the first time.

In the 2017 season, the IR17 - Lizard achieved very good overall results. With the support of around 55 team members, we took 7th place in Formula Student Netherlands, 9th place in Formula Student Germany and 10th place in Formula Student Spain.


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